In our last blog we looked at the law on temperatures for working environments, thermal comfort and the productivity boost offered by an office deemed comfortable for the majority of workers. Now we’ll look in more depth at a few ways the installation of a new heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system will benefit your employees and your business.

Wellbeing of your employees

If you find staff are often absent or taking a while to recover from a bug or bout of sickness that has spread around the office, you might find the temperature and air quality could be to blame.

Plenty of studies have shown that colds and other bugs spread easily in warm, damp environments, whilst low temperatures and cold draughts can worsen problems such as joint pain and neck tension – not exactly conducive to good day at work.

Improving the office temperature and air quality with a new HVAC installation could reduce illness and keep your workers in better health throughout the year.

Performance gets a lift

More than half of workers admit to taking longer breaks in the summer to escape the heat in the office, with warm weather tending to make workers lethargic and less productive. Delivering cool air into the office will make a big difference to how your staff perform and keep them at their desks longer – there’s not a lot you can do about them wanting to leave early to enjoy a cold lager or Chablis at home.

It shows you care

There can be no denying that comfortable workers are happier workers. If the office feels good your staff will perform to their best and give you more. Installing the right HVAC system, which doesn’t have to be expensive will improve the environment for staff and demonstrate your commitment to improving well-being – along with the fresh fruit, cycle to work scheme and showers you’ve installed.

Improve morale reduce tension

Of course if you have air conditioning and heating you may well have had to contend with staff disagreements about the correct temperature for the office – always too hot or too cold and rarely about right. This is not a minor issue to be ignored as it can cause serious tension between colleagues, impacting productivity and collaboration.

Global studies indicate older people prefer cooler temperatures at work, while younger people and women prefer the room slightly warmer than men. Modern HVAC systems, installed with all these factors in mind can create a comfortable range, with different temperature zones offering people the chance to change seating position to suit their individual preferences.

Prevent damp and mould

If you find condensation is a problem in your office, with black mould visible in the corners then you might have a problem that can also have implications for the health of those exposed to it. Again this is a problem that a modern HVAC system could address, controlling air quality and maintaining even temperatures will protect your people and preventing unsightly mould damaging the office fixtures and fittings.

So we’ve looked at the law and the benefits of modern HVAC systems in the workplace and in the next blog we’ll look at how to choose your installer and the questions you need to ask.