Mains Power Upgrades

We do not work in isolation with cooling air, but understand the importance of integrated power solutions to ensuring the continuous availability and optimal performance of equipment housed in critical environments. Holborn design and install power solutions to perform under all conditions.

Working and commissioning new systems within live environments, to avoid any interruption of service, comes as second nature to our experienced engineers. Whether you are upgrading an existing power system or building a new facility, we can advise the best approach, before designing, installing and commissioning a complete turnkey solution.


Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure that any mains failure or fluctuation does not affect your equipment or the service it delivers, with batteries bridging the time it takes the generator back-up to start. We will design and install a UPS solution that not only meets your current demand, but takes into account your likely future needs.

Over the years the Holborn engineers have designed and installed just about every type of back-up systems, from singles to complex multiple solutions, including Diesel Rotary (DRUPS). We don’t really do off-the-shelf packages, all our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, including internal or external systems, with integrated controls and fuel systems.

If you are considering changes to an existing critical environment our planning a new one, we’re happy to offer advice shaped by years of experience, to ensure you reach your goals, quickly and efficiently.


  • Decommissioning and strip out
  • Switchboard with mains, generator and mobile generator installation
  • All interconnecting cabling – power, control and earth
  • Generator output switch panel
  • Migrate Data Centre cables from Output switchboard
  • Emergency standby power

Our reputation is built on our work with cooling air, but just as critical to our success is the ability to improve power resilience & redundancy, provide additional capacity for future expansion and reduce operating costs for our clients. Time you discovered the Holborn difference?