Data Centre Solutions

Cooling data rooms effectively and efficiently is about more than understanding close control air conditioning, it starts with the design of the room. Our experience and range of services will be invaluable if you are planning a new data centre, or expanding and upgrading your current one.

We are experienced in all aspects of data centre design, construction, commissioning and maintenance, to achieve the required performance rating, from Tier 1 to 4 and SEAP 3.

Our critical understanding of air management for data centres ensures our designs minimise mixing between the cooling air and hot air exhausted from the equipment, reducing the energy needed. Specifying the latest energy efficient cooling technology helps further reduce your energy usage.


A correctly designed air management system can reduce your operating costs, reduce first cost equipment investment, increase the data centre power density and reduce heat related processing interruptions or failures. We know the value of staying cool under pressure.

Significant energy savings are possible with existing data centre and computer room cooling systems, with innovative, yet pragmatic solutions that blend technology with design experience and expertise. We are also experienced in the design and implementation of free-cooling for data centres; one phone call and a meeting gets you all our knowledge.


  • Direct expansion / chilled water systems / dry coolers
  • Systems that operate with free cooling
  • Full fresh air cooling
  • High density cooling either via chilled water or air distribution
  • Floor plenum pressurisation systems and active floor solutions
  • Incorporation of systems into existing facilities and the integration of the new system into existing infrastructure
  • Latest energy efficient solutions to include EC fans, load share systems
  • Experience of providing bespoke cooling solutions to specific environments
  • Utilisation of web based control / monitoring and interrogation of systems

And when you need a new data centre fast, we can design and build it from the ground up or within an existing facility quickly and easily, taking advantage of modular construction techniques, to give you what you need, when you need it.